R-PVC004/25 – 25mm – PIPE CLIP

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R-PVC004/25 – 25mm – PIPE CLIP

Aspirating smoke detection pipe clip, Designed to support both 25mm and 27mm aspirating detection smoke pipe. The clip has a flexible side wall which allows the clip to open wide enough to allow the pipe to be place within its circular cavitiy. The clip secures the pipe when closed. The clip can be reopened by using a flat edged tool to wedge open the top of the clip which release the pipe. Please note that more the clip is opened and closed, slight discoloration may appear on the side wall.



Installation Instructions:
For use to fix to any flat surface (Wall, Ceiling, Floor etc.)
Do not install in direct sunlight.
Pipe clips are required every 800mm along the length of pipe.
Only install with approved fittings and EN54-20 ABS Pipe.
Do not use solvents to clean, only soapy water.
When ambient temperatures are outside 15°C-25°C use pipe expantion joints.

Pipe colour: RED
Diameter Tolerance:+/- 0.15mm


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