The stainless steel flush sampling head is used in conjunction with the capillary T piece and 10mm nylon tubing, to form a flush sampling kit. It replaces the normal flush polypropylene head, it is used in harsh industrial environments, or in prisons where the prisoners occasionally block the 2mm central hole to set fire to their cells. This head features a discrete sampling hole that is not visible from the exterior of 3mm. This continues to sample the air if the central

hole is obstructed.



This product is not a stock item – it is a bespoke product made to order, and as such the hole size can be changed to suit your requirements, normal lead times are up to 14 working day

Installation Instructions:

A 15mm hole is required in the ceiling, the head is then secured to the ceiling with 3x6mm screws (not supplied). The 10mm connection nylon tubing is then pushed into the sampling head from the rear. The locating hole for the tubing is concentric therefore pushing the tubing firmly home ensures a secure and airtight seal. Do not paint, Only use with Bisson pipe, Do not obstruct the sampling holes.

Pipe Colour: RED
Material: Stainless Steel


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