ABS023/25 – 25mm – TEE CAPILLARY WITH S.P.

Used when the system has to be periodically tested. The capillary tee piece is installed in the pipe run, and fitted with the necessary size of Sampling Point Adaptor. Sizes are available from 2-8mm in 0.5mm increases to enable the system to function normally. When the system has to be tested simply remove the Sampling Point Adaptor and test the system normally, replacing the jet when the test is complete.



Installation Instructions:

Use the correct solvent Plusbond 3019. Do not paint. Keep pipe clean and free from dust. Do not install in direct sunlight. Only install with approved pipe. Do not use solvents to clean, only soapy water.

Pipe Colour: RED
Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.15mm


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